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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Candidate for Mayor Sandra Queen Noble

Hearing about Sandra Queen Noble and her run for Mayor of Cincinnati plus reading her responses to Cincinnati Enquirer questions made me sonder who this woman is. Is her running for mayor a joke? Is she even real?

Here's an interview with CityBeat:
International testosterone
Sandra Noble likes to be called "Queen" because the rivers of antiquity run through her blood.

We sit in a light rain in white plastic chairs on the sidewalk outside her Walnut Hills apartment. She wears a gold cowboy hat -- again, the gold to indicate royalty -- and an Army-fatigue-and-denim outfit she fashioned herself. Noble makes all her own clothes.

"The people in nonviolent military service should be draped in gold, at least a spot here and there," she says.

As mayor, she'd create this "nonviolent military service" as well as "security childcare services" that put young people in police uniforms and send them out to protect and serve latchkey children and senior citizens.

Noble's "hardcore public speaking" program would turn young people's profane Rap into public speaking.

She'd privatize the Department of Children and Family Services -- which is a county agency -- because more than once it took her two kids from her. For that, she's sued the federal government for $720 trillion and appealed every loss. Her latest filing in the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is dated May 24.

Noble says pharmaceutical companies are as corrupt as the government, which is why she won't medicate her bipolar illness. She lives on $579 a month in federal disability benefits. Her landlord knocks $40 off rent for cleaning the sidewalk where we sit.

Without evident malice, she runs down her list of inventive racial theories: the Irish and the Russians descend from the Vikings, while the Egypt-born Germans, because of penis and testosterone envy, have conspired to grab all power and subjugate the West Africans who are the true mother race of humanity.

She says those who flock to the latest sighting of Jesus Christ in a "piece of toast or rock of crack cocaine" are mentally ill people who just want to believe in a good spirit.

Then, with a child's glee, she flashes a photo of herself in which she sees her own good spirit, which this day had been made clear, if not much else.

So, apparently it's not a joke. Will you vote for the Queen?


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