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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Christian idiots

it's no wonder Christians come across looking like superstitious idiots sometimes.

this article in the washington post last weekend talks about faith as an issue in the confirmation hearings on john roberts (who is up for nomnation to the supreme court).

in the first paragraph, you read this:
Faith has factored into previous Supreme Court confirmations, but the John Roberts hearings may be the first to take place on consecrated grounds.

Evangelical minister Rob Schenck secretly blessed every piece of furniture in the three Senate hearing rooms where the Judiciary Committee will consider the Roberts nomination.

and then in the final paragraph:
Schenck, who is planning a round-the-clock prayer vigil during the hearings, says he does not have high hopes. "We just think that the majority of lawmakers are incapable of dealing with the faith issue in an informed and intelligent way,"

to which i have to say: IT'S NO WONDER!! how can we expect lawmakers (or anyone, for that matter) to take us seriously as followers of Jesus when we're sneaking around "secretly blessing" the furniture like it's some magic hex! that schenk doesn't think they can deal with faith intellectually seems to go without saying. schenk himself doesn't treat his faith intellectually - why should anyone else?

seems to me that if he had simply announced that he was praying for those lawmakers making the decision on roberts' nomination, he'd be in a more believable spot. as it is, secretly blessing inanimate objects doesn't seem helpful - why not make dolls of democratic lawmakers on the committee and stick pins in them?


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