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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Snow Snow Snow oh gosh too much snow

we've been hammered with enough snow to last me the rest of my natural life. we're effectively stuck in the house (which ain't all that bad, really) and just chillin' out. it's nice to have a couple days with no real responsibilities, a great woman to stay warm with, plenty of chow to eat, and nice toasty blankets.

we're supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning for Toledo (lise's family) but i'm inclined to wait and see how things look then before deciding.

i've gone to hit the delete key 6 times since starting this. i mean, who cares?

i've been listening to a lot of speakers online over the last couple of months. Rob Bell. Brian McLaren. Andy Stanley. three very different guys who speak in very different ways, yet each has a profound message that has really be challenging me recently. challenging the way i live, the way i teach, the way i speak. give them a listen when you have a minute.


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