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Thursday, May 18, 2006

random collection of mismatched thoughts

1. the new red hot chili peppers CD is most awesome. you ought to get it. it's got an eclectic blend of different styles and sounds. some folks think it sounds like their old stuff, some think it sounds more like their more recent stuff. i think it sounds GOOD. i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this double CD is the best album they've put out yet. funky. polished. rock!

2. the da vinci code movie is out this week. the book is incredible - it's no literary masterpiece but it IS gripping and i read it in a day or two. i couldn't put it down. all the commotion from christians about this movie has really been amusing to me. i like what ron howard (the director) said today in the washington post: if you think it'll make you upset, DON'T SEE IT! good heavens, and can't we just enjoy a book or movie nowadays without making it some kind of crusade? certainly the "facts" presented by dan brown are not "facts" at all but can't we pull the stick out of our collective butt and just relax a little bit and watch a movie for entertainment? bigger things and people have attempted to shut down the message of Jesus (and intentionally at that) and have failed.


3. tye von allmen

4. lise's been crazy busy with 2 online classes the past month. she's got 2 more weeks. it's been lonely in the evenings while she's online doing her work. i've tried. i've tried hard to sit and watch TV while she's busy. but i've gotta tell you: THERE'S NOTHING ON!!! and i keep meeting folks who pay money for cable tv and i just can't do it. there's nothing on the regular channels and what i've seen of cable over the years - i'd get stuck watching CNN or MTV all the stinkin time. what i'm able to watch is already too mind numbing for me. but this won't stop the local cable company from knocking on my door, offering free installation and 2 months free and then looking at me like i'm crazy when i refuse. has no one ever refused the cable company before? ought i get a bar code tattooed on my forehead so i can blend in better?

5. i ordered an invisible fence system for the backyard for dolby. it came a couple weeks ago. i guess i ought to go out and install it now?

6. tomorrow is jean day at school. pay $5 (for a good cause - i think tomorrows is cancer research) and you get to wear jeans to school. this deal makes me feel strangely warm inside. now, if it were shorts and birkenstocks day, i'd pay much more for the opportunity.

7. neil young has a new CD out. it's an anti-war-president-bush-is-a-dumbass album. the reviews from customers at are somewhat amusing. one guy suggested that neil needs to give up the protest song writing and leave it to the younger crowd. haha. HAHAHAA. gosh. must be some 18 year old. isn't neil one of the granddaddies of protest song writing? at any rate, i've not bought it yet. stay tuned.

8. i'm tired. goodnight.


  • At 2:58 PM, Anonymous JM said…

    I also like that Ron Howard pointed out what should be blatantly obvious to those with their issues: The story is FICTION and needs no disclaimer.


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