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Monday, April 24, 2006

president logan sucks

this'll be a short one.

i really hate president logan. he makes my skin crawl. i have this overwhelming urge to scream like a possessed man and claw his eyeballs out any time i see him.

i've tolerated his wishy-washy presidential performance during last season's 24, but this is getting ridiculous. how did he suddenly come up with this nefarious scheme?? how do you go from zero to a hundred and twenty so quickly?

now, it's no surprise to folks who know us that we're not huge fans of television. lise and i are married to only a couple shows (well, two, really: 24 and the simpsons). most television makes my blood run lukewarm or even slow down to a trickle. this season of 24 is probably one of our least-favorites, but this man drives me friggin NUTS!

but to make matters worse - his poor wife! oy, i'm verklempt!

now, the thing that keeps me watching?

there's got to be something awful happening to president logan at the end of the season when all the chips are down and he's caught in a corner staring at the business end of Jack Bauer's gun.

and i'll be there. oh, yes. i'll be there!! muaah. muaahhahahahahaaa!


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