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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

hi, my name is scott...

...and my dog likes to eat his poop.

many have asked for updates on the puppy and that's the biggest update. he eats poop. his own poop. others dogs' poop. goose and duck poop. if it's poop, he eats it.

we go outside to go bathroom - he poops and promptly turns around to give it a taste. we go for walks in the neighborhood and there's Rex's poop from around the corner - hmm, how does this taste? we go to new richmond and walk by the river - hey, there's goose and duck poop! a tasty treat! thank you for taking me for walks so i can munch on poop!!

it's gross.

so the vet offers me a prescription that is supposed to make poop-eating as disgusting to dogs as it is to you and me. this plus the heartworm pills: $115.00. into the food it goes. yay! dolby eats the prescribed anti-poop-eating stuff!! oh, boy - there's "the look" that says, "i'm about to explode!" - out we go! dum dee dum dee dum... here comes the squat, out comes the poop! yay!! dolby pooped! now let's go back inside!

no! dolby, NO! LEAVE IT!! GET AWAY FROM THAT POOP!! STOP IT! ewww!! dolby! you're supposed to think poop-eating is gross now!! oh! stop licking my face! bleah blah pbbtthhh!! so much for "works instantly" and "makes poop undesirable".

otherwise, he's good puppy. we're having a lot of fun with him. he's growing fast and having a lot of fun. and he eats poop.


  • At 12:06 AM, Blogger scott d said…

    I found this entire post to be incredibly disgusting. Although, you took it to new levels of disgusting with the part about the dog licking your face after munching on... yeah... I'm done.

  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger Rustypants said…

    this from the guy who goes to all lengths to tell us about his son peeing and pooping and has a running tally of the items peed upon? dude! cut me a little slack! *grin*

    i agree. it's totally disgusting. you probably should have stopped after the first sentence. were you thinking it was going to improve?

  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger scott d said…

    big difference... peeing and pooping is a very natural thing that is widely accepted as quite normal, hence the prevalence of home toilets and public restrooms.

    until a human being is mature enough to control one's own functions, it is widely accepted as quite normal for the parental figure to clean up the little one, hence changing tables in most public restrooms.

    however, consumption of said waste is unacceptable. and you know it.

    slack given. grin returned. feel free to post over at my blog home anytime.

  • At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Snacky Sidekick said…


  • At 10:48 AM, Anonymous JM said…

    Rob's childhood dog, Duchess (a boxer) ate cat poop, crayons, balloons, brillo pads, anything that wasn't nailed down really. And people wonder why I refuse to let dogs lick my face and will generally wash my hands after petting one (because we all know dogs like to roll in poop, garbage and God knows what else too). Bleh!


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