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Sunday, March 26, 2006

we got spooned

and no, not the kind of spooning between a boyfriend/girlfriend.

i'm talking spooned in the sense of spoons stuck in our yard and in our shrubbery. :-)

lise's in toledo for the weekend with her family. i'm home alone with the dog finishing up all coursework for school (due next monday april 3 or no graduation for scotty) and chilling out. dolby and i went over to my mom's today around lunch time. this is normal for us.

i receive a phone call before 1 from a group of young bored teenagers asking where i am. well, at my mom's like almost every sunday! well, bummer! we're trying to find something to do, is the reply. drat, says i - had i known, i could have switched things around. better luck next time! tell everyone hi and i'll catch ya soon.

fast forward to 4pm. pulling into the driveway i note that my lawn looks a bit... different. there's spoons all over the lawn in the shape of a broken heart and lots more spoons in my shrubbery.

we've been spooned by a group of young hooligans.

i love you guys. this was just what i needed today. you guys kick butt!

now, hopefully they'll stay where they are til lise gets home tomorrow or i may need to be re-spooned. :-)

update: many thanks to Adrienne (Rocky!) and her crew for the spooning - i know your hearts were broken and your spirits crushed that we weren't home, but don't forget Psalm 34:18 - The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.


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