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Friday, April 07, 2006

what happens to toys at our house

lise and i have recently realized that we have a very smart dog with very powerful mandibles of death.

if you look at some of the first pictures we have
before we got him, then some of the pictures from those first couple weeks and even the offensive poop-eating post, you see this sweet, adorable little puppy.

and then he grows up.

dolby loves his toys. he's got a small basket with maybe 12-15 toys in them. some are balls, some are stuffed toys, some are ropes, some are Kongs.

he's taken to pulling the stuffing out of his stuffed toys. it was cute at first. we thought he was adorable and just being a sweet little puppy.

but then his baby teeth fell out.

and they were replaced with these huge, ferocious, chomping teeth that can seemingly plow through anything. mandibles of death.

we got him this stuffed hamburger toy a month or so ago. it lasted 3 weeks before the stuffing was out. i thought to myself, "hey - that's a pretty good toy that can last this long!" being the smart dude that i am, i went and bought him another.

i forgot. he's smart.

the second hamburger? lasted about five days. he had figured out what he had to do to get the thing open and unstuffed.

the Kong toys are supposed to be indestructable (especially the black ones - they're like steel belted radials) but he's already gone through three of them. we've only had him for 3 months.

but come on - isn't he adorable?

hey! stop chewing on the furniture!!


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