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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

what an unusual feeling

tonight i graduated from college.

i've got so many emotions that i'm not sure what's what. it's like a dreadful elation.

how do i explain this?

i started college (univ. of cincinnati) when i was 19. i screwed off, didn't know what i wanted to do, took too many student loans, aimlessly took classes and then dropped out before i was kicked out.

when lise and i got married (15 1/2 long years ago) we moved to Washington DC for me to go back to college. one thing led to another and i dropped out after one semester there.

lise ended up going back to school and graduated back in 97.

we moved back to cincinnati for me to (wanna guess?) go back to school.

and now. five years later. age thirty seven. i'm finished.

elation because i'm done! woo-woo! elation because i now have the coveted four year undergraduate degree. elation because 5 years of hard work paid off!

dread because i'm done! dread because i now have a degree in something i no longer desire to do. dread because... do i have to grow up now?

i start at xavier for grad school the week before i walk the stage at graduation from CCU.

i guess if i were honest, fear is a part of these emotions, too. giddy fear.

so much has happened over the last 2 years.

well, graduation is may 13th at 10am at CCU. you're all invited, of course. even my stalkers.


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