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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

dog days...

i wish i had something interesting to talk about.

i find out this morning whether i've been accepted to xavier university's grad program for special ed.

seeing Crash get the Oscar for Best Picture sunday night was good. if you've not seen this movie yet, run - don't walk - to buy it and watch it. lise and i were really surprised at how powerful it is, bought it after renting it (and watching it twice) and have watched it several times since then. it's just that good. if you've ever seen our diminutive DVD collection you know we don't get this excited about a movie very often.

the Brokeback Mountain phenomenon puzzles me. i've told people that i don't care to see it and sometimes i get funny looks, as if to say, poor, intolerant bastard - but the truth is: it's not a subject i really care about. despite wide public acceptance of the film and the topic of male cowboy love, i'm just not interested. is it because i'm some stuck-up christian? haha - nope. i'm just not interested in a movie about two guys who cheat on their wives for years to have sex with each other. if that makes me an intolerant bastard, then.... well, i've been called worse.

spring break is around the corner and lise and i will be heading to maryland for several days. looking forward to it a LOT. we need a break.

dolby is still eating poop.

and speaking of dolby eating poop, he needs a quick trip to the toilet that i call "the backyard."

stay tuned - something interesting is bound to happen!


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