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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

most sensational inspirational celebrational Muppetational

tax refunds rock.

we paid bills. put a huge chunk in the bank. gave each other $100. and agreed on one joint purchase.

The Muppet Show, Season One on DVD.

silly? yes. sentimental? yes. hilarious? YES!

if you were pre-10-years-old back in the mid-70's when this show came out, this was one of the best shows on TV. i mean, sure, we had sesame street, but you didn't get this kind of nutso humor there!

lise and i disagree on our favorite characters, but for me you can't beat Statler and Waldorf. those two old men in the gallery are a riot!
a typical exchange:

-That was wonderful!
- Bravo!
- I loved that!
- Ah, that was great!
- Well, it was pretty good.
- Well, it wasn't bad ...
- Uh, there were parts of it that weren't very good though.
- It could have been a lot better.
- I didn't really like it.
- It was pretty terrible.
- It was bad.
- It was awful!
- It was terrible!
- Terrible, way!
- Bah, boo!
- Boo!
my friend gov't cheese has already pointed to this but it deserves another look - one of the best sketches ever to appear on the show: Mahna Mahna.


  • At 10:15 AM, Anonymous JM said…


    Since I spent a significant period of my life overseas as a child, even though I'm a child of the 80's my brother and I watched this show and LOVE IT!!! I am a total Muppet fan, even watched Muppet Babies for years after I couldn't find the Muppet Show, just to get my fix.

    And though I'm a girl and probably am supposed to love Miss Piggy, Gonzo is one of my favs. At the same time though, how can I overlook Statler & Waldorf and the Swedish Chef? Also big favorites. :)

    All I can say is I owe the majority of my weirdness to Jim Henson and his zany imagination. Has anyone watched some of the other muppet productions like "The Dark Crystal"? LOOOOOOVE!

  • At 10:38 AM, Blogger Rustypants said…

    the wild thing for me is that we've never had cable in the house, so i've not seen these shows since 1976-77! it's funny watching now and understanding the humor meant for our parents as well as laughing my butt off at the juvenile stuff we always loved.

    lise's list of favorite characters is long - she loves the swedish chef, the rats, animal and kermit. and i'm missing a few...


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