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Monday, January 30, 2006

brahma? gesundheit!

click to see larger picture, eh?

tonight, lise and i went to Apna India in Clifton to have dinner. a favorite place to go and sit for 2-3 hours, eat, draw pictures of people we're mad at on the backs of the placemats, gaze longingly into each others eyes and try to forget all the stuff going on around us.

one of my favorite shops, Toko Baru, is on the same block as Apna, so we always must go in and shop around. tonight was a stunning trip certain to go down in history.

i got two Handy Hindu finger puppets. and folks, lemme tell ya: i'm jazzed.

i was able to get brahma, the hindu Creator god, one part of the hindu trinity which includes vishnu and shiva. he's credited with creating the human race out of himself, by making a goddess out of himself - half male and half female. he has four heads (and used to have five) but i'll refrain from explaining why. i'm sure you can do a Google search on brahma and find out more yourself.

i also got kali, the hindu goddess of time and of death. she's pretty wild looking, with six arms and her tongue sticking out. i'm certain that a Google search on kali would also explain more.

i was hoping they would have Ganesh (the elephant headed god - some of you will remember Homer Simpson disguised as this god), but alas they did not.

my hindu finger puppets join the ranks of my Satan Sock Puppet (thanks, Tracey!), Jesus Action Figure, Nunzilla and my catholic rosary. woo-hoo!


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