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Monday, May 22, 2006

right now, you're going to face JUSTICE!!

the season finale of 24 dropped tonight and it did several things for me:

made me angry - when president logan hit his wife in the airplane hangar, i wanted to kill him! we all knew something fishy was going on, but oooOOOoooooh - i hate that guy!!

confirmed my fears - 24 is going down the toilet. lise and i are in agreement: season one and season four - excellent. seasons two and three: ehhh. season five: bleah!

made me feel warm inside - when president logan finally got what was coming to him and the look on his wife's face? hahaa - PRICELESS!!! oh, that was a good shot!

intrigued me - sad as it is for me to admit: the ending of the show tonight makes me wonder where season six is gonna start from. china? will aaron pierce be the new jack bauer?

oh, and further proof of the shows impossible premises: chloe showed an emotion other than disdain for a fellow human being. c'mon - get real!


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