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Friday, January 06, 2006

theory on christian thuggery

over the past couple months i've been trying to work a theory out on why christians treat each other as they do. why the backbiting? why the rude, accusatory way we treat each other? why the suspicion? why the doubt and questioning? why, especially, the lack of forgiveness (or even opportunity to attempt to make things right - achieve forgiveness and mend brokenness)?

is the answer really as simplistic as the fact that we're all broken sinners living in a broken world?

aren't we supposed to be set apart? aren't we supposed to be models for the world-at-large of how forgiveness and restoration are achieved? are we not supposed to be mirroring to each other (and the world) the very thing that Jesus came and showed? that Paul explained further?

i realize that this may sound like a knee-jerk reaction to recent events but the truth is that it's been in my mind since realizing my need for Jesus 17 years ago. in the 17 years since then, i've seen so many hurting people hurt other hurting people in the christian community and it disgusts me.

i'm certainly no saint and have done my share of the hurting (intentionally and not). upon realization of the hurting i've caused, i'm always needing to seek forgiveness - my conscience doesn't allow me to let these things go without acknowledging my part in it. mending what was broken and being given the opportunity to make right, or at least attempting to, is crucial.

but having discussed this with several people whose grasp of Jesus seems stronger than mine, the overwhelming sentiment is that we're sinners. broken. we don't play well in the sandbox together.

one person said, "scott, you're not REALLY surprised by all this!" "of course i am," i replied. "no " he said, "you're just shocked because it's your turn on the receiving end."

we're all just broken sinners?

seems like a copout.


  • At 10:06 AM, Anonymous JM said…

    Interesting post. Seems to run in a similar vein to one I just posted. And if you decide to read mine, please know that for that last person I mentioned, I'm working on forgiveness. I only found out about him last night.

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger scott d said…

    I don't know man... sure, it sounds like a copout to stroke it with such a broad "we're all sinners" brush, but unfortunately, I think that covers it pretty well. Seems so trite, so simple. If it's any consolation (I'm guessing it's not), I think it all evens out in the end...

  • At 12:25 PM, Blogger Rustypants said…

    sort of like a divine cosmic payback, ala Romans 12:19?


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