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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Liberal Christians

my friend, the mighty scott duebber, raises the question in his blog "did God create liberals" and it reminded me of a very funny photo lise and i took during our summer 2005 vacation.

we drove from cincinnati to viriginia beach to assateague island to baltimore taking back roads exclusively. as we drove through a small town in west virginia, the following billboard was seen. i thought it was so funny that i just had to pull over, laugh HARD and then, of course, snap a picture.

here you go:
why was this so funny? i dunno. it just seemed kinda crybaby-ish, like a kid who doesn't get picked for for kickball on the playground. i can see the kid's face scrunch up as he folds his arms over his chest, stomps one foot in the dirt and says, near tears, "Hah! Well, Democrats are Christians, too!" as he runs off to find someplace to cry alone.


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