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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving ain't for the birds

lise and i had a blast in maryland with friends and adopted family from our 10 years living in the DC/Baltimore area. thanksgiving highlights included:
  • one of my girls, karen, getting engaged the day before thanksgiving to her youth minister boyfriend (who we got to meet for the first time over the weekend - we think he rocks! MARRY HIM!!!). karen is at lancaster bible college now and i'm so proud of her i could pop.
  • getting to see crissey (or christiiiina, as i call her) and seeing how much she's grown and how proud i am of her
  • seeing kimberly and matt, up from virginia beach staying with kimmy's mom. kimberly has blown my mind, too. i've known her and karen and crissey since they were 14 years old - kim and kar are 22 now and crissey is 20 - i'm getting old, folks.
  • staying with our old friends barb and joe. they've been some of our best friends for many years now. we miss them terribly.
  • my making a trip to CD Depot in college park, md (around the corner from UM) with my poker winnings and walking away with a ton of incredible CD's.
  • finishing David McCullough's John Adams and wishing it wasn't over. isn't that silly?
  • LOTS of time with lise driving to and from and in between. can't imagine anyone else i'd rather be with than her. she rocks my socks.
  • wishing we could move back to maryland.
all in all, a fantastic time with old friends!


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