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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hair today, gone tomorrow

It was noted by a so-called friend that not only have the things listed in the previous post changed, my hair and hairline have changed as well.

back in '86 i had some serious hair. i mean, it was thick and difficult to deal with. hairspray and mousse were required to keep it in one place and a goodly amount of the morning before school was spent wrestling it into position.

now those of you who know me halfway decent know that my hair is not a source of vanity. i got tired of messing with it years ago and got it cut short and love it. i've bleached it and colored it purple, green, blue and pink in the name of youth ministry (lost bets, summer camp, among others) and have been mohawked at least once.

am i glad to have thinned out and moved back on top? i dunno that glad is the right word for it, but i will say that i'm glad to still have what's up there, but also glad that it's not as thick and unruly as it once was.

i made a pledge several years ago - i will never have a combover. ever.

i have only one complaint about the current state of my hair: about an inch down from my current hairline there grows one. solitary. hair. on my forehead. a reminder of where my hairline used to be. i've taken my hair loss and change in color (touch of gray?) completely in stride. but this one hair drives me nuts. it taunts me. cruel cruel hair.


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