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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

when there's one minute to go 'til the lights go down low

several folks asked me today what lise and i did for the 4th of july.

i feel a little foolish. we didn't go see fireworks. we didn't go to a cookout. we didn't get together with the family. we didn't get hammered at the bar. we didn't go to a swim party.

we went to the drive-in.

lise and i have been going to the drive-in for several years now. here in the cincinnati area, we've got two to choose from. the holiday auto theatre is up in hamilton (or "hamiltucky" as the locals call it) and it's ok (check out their ridiculously long page on "house rules" and you'll get the feeling that we get when we go there: Yeeesh!! anything ELSE we can't do?) but rather restrictive.

the other drive-in we go to is the Starlite Drive-In out in Amelia. the starlite ROCKS. really nice folks, nice atmosphere, good screen (some drive-in screens are dark or falling apart - beware!) and almost always good movies.

so what is it about the drive-in that we like? hmm, well....
  • BIG FRIGGIN SCREEN - woo-woo!
  • fresh outdoors air
  • snuggling together in the car (get your mind outta the gutter)
  • cranking the sound in the car however loud we want
  • TWO movies for the price of ONE (always double feature at the Starlite and admission is only $6/person)
  • first-run movies all the time
  • gets us out of the house and into each others arms
  • no distractions from people around us, like at regular movie theaters
so what'd we see? Nacho Libre was the first one and, i admit, i thought for SURE it was gonna be a dog. jack black is an idiot and i was doubtful that there was ANYTHING he could produce that i would like. i was wrong. jack, i'm sorry. you're funny in a very stupid kinda way.

Click was the second movie. again, apologies to adam sandler. i was starting to give up on him. now, this movie isn't intelligent fare and it's loaded with predictable dialogue, sequencing and conclusion, but despite all these things: it was funny. and decent. you can take the kids to see either one of these movies.

there's just something about the drive-in. if you've never been, please: do yourself a favor and check it out. you can go to and plug in your zip code and find the closest one to you.

you'll thank me for it.

and if you're at the starlite this coming sunday night, you'll see us - we're seeing the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie!


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